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Related article: their necks. The door to the cellar opened and Joan noticed the daughter
entered in a like outfit. Her ass was smaller and tighter than her mother and
her young tits were perked out in front. Taking the couple by the lease, she
made them crawl around the room. Joan came at the sight and barely heard
her voice to keep from giving them away. Nancy had gotten up thinking she
was going to yell when she came. Joan got up and grabbing her panties
starting trying to pull them up as she ran back to the house with Nancy close
behind. Her pussy was on fire. They ran inside and Joan popped on the couch
exhausted. She closed her eyes and then felt Nancy arms massaging her tits.
She started to protest by then her hand found her pussy again as she laid
back enjoying the feeling. Nancy removed Tiny Preteen Model her hand long enough to undress and
then got on top in a 69 position on her.
She had never lick a woman before but when Nancy tongue found her clit,
she was beyond any boundaries now. She brought her own tongue to Nancy blond
bush and started licking her friend pussy. It was wet all over as she
reached up grabbing her large globes and rubbing her ass at the same time. She
licked harder knowing she wouldn't last long trying to get her off. She eyed
her asshole only inches above and couldn't resist the urge to push her
finger in it as Nancy moaned in pleasure from between her legs. They both came
only minutes later with falling to sleep in that position.
Joan woke the next morning to the sound of Nancy finishing dressing. She
was ashamed of what she had done the night before but at the same time she
admired Nancy figure as she watched her put her jeans back. And to think,
she had done it with Paul ex-employee. How could she ever tell him?
Nancy, about last night, she said, we got carried away. It was just a
Hush up, Tiny Preteen Model Nancy replied turning around to her. You loved Tiny Preteen Model
it as much as I
did. I'll be back over tonight and it's my turn to get the window view. She
grabbed her purse and walked out leaving Joan staring at the ceiling above.
Her cunt was still pulsing at the thought and images and she was right, she
loved every moment of it.
She got up and dressed and went to town to get breakfast. She didn't want
to cook today. She couldn't resist the urge to go to the bank and Mrs.
Lawyer was there in her daily business outfit. She spoke a few words to her as
the bitch replied in her normal voice angering her. You'll get yours
tonight, she thought, and I'll see it. Ignoring her, she completed her
transaction, had breakfast and returned on for the daily chores. All day her pussy
was damp with the thought of going back again. She'll get even with Nancy she
thought as she imagined herself shoving two fingers in her large ass. She
refrained from playing with herself, as she wanted to reserve herself for
tonight. Late that evening, she waited impatience for Nancy arrival. She put
her nightgown back on like the night before as the doorbell finally rang.
Opening the door, she saw Nancy standing there with only robe on which she
tossed in the doorway exposing herself in a see through panties and bra
Curiosity Killed the Cat V
Hurry, she said. I saw a car pull up a few minutes before and started
walking out the back with Joan in haste behind her. Joan watched her as
wiggling before her just dying to get her finger in it. They approached the house
in silent like the night early as Nancy got down on her knees and elbows
and look in. Joan saw her ass wiggling in back and couldn't resist the urge to
get behind her and start goosing and feeling it. She rubbed her mound and
noticed her pussy was already wet. She was curious to what she was
watching, but at the same time, the sight of her ass was Tiny Preteen Model driving her wild with
excitement. She grabbed the waistband of her panties and lowered them exposing
her huge ass mounds. Running the fingers between them and massaging her
anus, she couldn't resist the urge to plow her face in those mounds. She
licked around the mounds and then started working between them finding her
asshole and then working her tongue inside. She had imagined herself all day
shoving her fingers in her butt but now all she wanted to do was lick her
asshole. She felt Nancy rocking back and forth on her face and reached down and
started stroking her pussy. Nancy had reached back grabbing her hair and
was shoving her face deeper in her ass crack. She felt her cum on her fingers
and asked if she could have a turn at the window. Nancy hesitated as she
waited impatiently for an answer and then moved Tiny Preteen Model
to the side so she could
A man in his forties with a hood on was suspended from the ceiling by his
hands and feet. His ass and cock was fully exposed to her view. His cock
was tightly tied around his balls by a metal clamp and his nipples had
weights attached hanging from the side. She almost creamed at the sight as she
felt her own panties being lowered down. Instead of a finger on her pussy or
ass, she felt Nancy slap her ass in back as she pushed it up for more. Mrs.
Lawyer was Tiny Preteen Model Tiny Preteen Model
in the room totally naked with clips on her tits and pussy and
her ass was plugged again. She was lead to the man and then got on her
knees and started licking his ass from below. Her neighbor was not in the room
but only the young girl who picked up a dildo and shoved it in the man
mouth and started pushing it in and out as if it was a cock. Joan couldn't hear
the words but knew what she must have been telling him. Nancy was slapping
her ass harder in back driving her crazy trying to keep up with the scene.
Her nose was buried flat on the windowpane.
Her neighbor walked into the room leading Mr. Lawyer totally naked by a
leash. She led him in back of the man and pushed Mrs. Lawyer face away. She
held Mr. Lawyer cock upward and guided it too the man asshole. Mr. Lawyer
needed no assistance as he pushed his cock up the butt hole and started
fucking the man from behind. Mrs. Lawyer was then led to the front of the man
where the cock was removed and Mrs. Tiny Preteen Model
Lawyer was told to straddle the man head
so her ass was on his mouth. She was grinding her ass down on him and Joan
knew her asshole was being licked out in back. Nancy had quit slapping her
ass and was now putting two fingers in her asshole as she watched. She was
closing in to cumming and didn't want Nancy to quit.
Curiosity Killed the Cat VI
The neighbor helped Mrs. Lawyer get off the man face while Mr. Lawyer was
still fucking his ass. His tongue was still swiping at air so he must not
have been able to hear through the hood. Mr. Lawyer must have come in his
ass as he withdrew his limp cock. Mrs. Lawyer was then instructed to get on
all fours with her head to the floor as the man was released from the
ceiling and led up behind her. The Tiny Preteen Model young neighbor girl held his cock in her hand,
which was pointed out at least 10 inches. It was as big as she had seen
Paul get only once in his life. The girl pushed him down on his knees behind
Mrs. Lawyer and guided his cock to her asshole. Mrs. Lawyer Tiny Preteen Model shook as the
cock penetrated her rear. The girl then proceeded to get a belt from the wall
and strike the man ass while he was fucking hers. Mr. Lawyer was now on
his knees licking the neighbor ass out in back. Joan couldn't hold it any
longer and came from the finger fucking Nancy was giving her in back. When she
finally stop shaking Nancy helped her up and led her back to the house
still weak in the legs.
Joan was suspecting the same as last night as they walked in and layback
on the couch favoring the events of the night.
Get your ass off that couch slut, Nancy shouted.
Joan was taken back by her neighbor change of voice but got up anyway.
Nancy sat down and told her to get across her lap. I going to spank that
naughty ass of yours she yelled at her.
Joan was excited by her tone and draped herself over her lap expecting the
slight slaps she had gotten earlier but was surprised by the hard slap on
her ass. Oh... she yelled as the next landed. She hadn't been spanked that
way since she was a kid but she was getting excited despite the pain. After
about 25 she was begging Nancy to quit, as her ass was totally red from
her palm.
Get on the floor slut and lick my pussy.
Joan got down on her knees and put her head between her friend's legs
engulfing the scent of her cunt for a few minutes before putting her tongue to
it. She was more excited than ever and Nancy cunt was turning her on more
than Paul cock every had. She licked up and down the clit and then started
working her tongue in and out. Nancy lifted her legs up and told her to lick
her asshole too.
She wasted no time moving her tongue down to her asshole. Licking around
the rim she finally worked her way in and out her butt hole as Nancy moaned
in pleasure from above. She felt Nancy climax as she continued licking till
she climaxed afterwards. Joan fell back on the floor and fell asleep as
she dreamed about the events of the day.
The next day, Joan awoke to find a note from Nancy that she would be back
tonight with a surprise gift for her. She wondered what it was as she got
up and showered. Paul called and said he would be gone only one more day so
she continued to do minor things around the house trying to kill the day
waiting for the night's events. She felt like the night was never going to
come as the doorbell finally rang and she opened it.
Nancy was outside in a leather outfit very familiar to the woman next
door. She looked so beautiful in the outfit as Joan stared at her.
I have a surprise for you; Nancy said laying a sack of items on the chair
nearby. Tonight you are going to be my slave.
Curiosity Killed the Cat VII
She told Tiny Preteen Model Joan to remove all her clothing. Joan cunt was soaking wet as she
applied immediately. Nancy stepped behind and taking her hands handcuffed
them behind her. Next she got an ankle chain and cuff, which she attached
to her legs so they could only move maybe 6 inches at a time. Joan was
totally excited as she put them on hoping she would make her get down and lick
her pussy before they go peek in on the neighbors. Next she got a leash,
which Joan watched her attached to her neck.
Get on your knees and lick my cunt slut, Nancy demanded.
Joan immediately dropped down and buried her face in her friend pussy. She
started with her wet clit and worked inside her cunt before Nancy pushed
her away and told her to get up.
Taking the lease in hand she led her out the back the normal way towards
the neighbor as Joan almost came walking behind her admiring her ass and
wishing she would stop so she could lick it. They arrived at their normal
place; however, Nancy didn't stop and walked her around to the back door.
Joan was surprised by the turn of events and asked her what she was doing.
Nancy would only reply that she had found a better place to watch for
tonight. When they arrived at the back door; however, Joan knew something was
wrong and demanded to know what she was doing.
Nancy smiled back at her while she ranged the bell. I'll been screwing
your husband for years behind your back slut and now I'm screwing you. Bet you
never dreamed it was him last night in the hood. Did you slut?
Panic seized Joan as she realized that she had been set up the last few
days. She started pleading and begging Nancy to let her go promising to do
anything if they would leave now. Nancy had a firm grip on the lease and
wasn't letting her go.

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